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What Rhymes with Demi?

Synopsis: Brief commentary on Viggo as poet, in seeming (though not actual) contrast with his character in G.I. Jane.

Credits: Belinda Luscombe

Source: Time magazine, September 1, 1997

Renaissance-man alert: Viggo Mortensen, who does a mean impression of a D.H. Lawrence-quoting, gun-toting trainer and sometime Demi Moore tormentor in G.I. Jane, is actually a published poet. No sniggering, now. The actor, who speaks Spanish and Danish as well as English, has a new poetry CD called One Less Thing to Worry About. He mines his day job in his verse, which is of the spare, dark, ruminating kind, as in "Edit": "The man you were/ For one short season/ Has been pruned/ Removed/ To a well-groomed graveyard/ That smells like popcorn." Although the acting gig is the breadwinner, "If I could make money on poetry," Mortensen says, "I would still act. When they work, they work on the same level."