VIGGO MORTENSEN, actor (Twenty-eight films): Not a household name (yet), Viggo Mortensen has logged a lot of face time on the big screen in the 90’s. Perhaps his image doesn’t snap into place because his roles have been so richly varied. He played Henry James’s genteel doormat Caspar Goodwood in The Portrait of a Lady and furnished unexpected shadings to the chiseled role of Demi Moore’s commanding officer in G.I. Jane. Critics find in him a romantic waiting to be released. The genie bottle could be this year’s Over the Moon, an independent film co-produced by Dustin Hoffman. A familiar figure on the L.A. punk scene (he was married to Exene Cervenka, the former lead singer of the punk band X), Mortensen is also a published poet, which probably shouldn’t be held against him.

(An interesting point: He’s between Sir John Geilgud and the Fondas (Bridget and Peter). Quite a company.)