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  1. A towering vision of Tolkien’s classic

    Reviewer Fazio writes as though he can hardly believe that Jackson pulled off The Two Towers without creating a disaster. Though he finds faults here and there, he is forced to conclude that "there's something about the sheer grandeur of Jackson's vision, his obsessive attention to detail and the almost naive reverence he brings to the material that's irresistible."
  2. Valiant effort

    The cutest guy in Middle-earth has an urge to smoke. Mumbling something about going to his car, Viggo Mortensen, the dashing human hero of the Lord of the Rings trilogy, heads out of Chez Jay, Hollywood’s favorite dive in spitting distance of the ocean. The Santa Monica place is pretty skeevy as Sunday brunch spots […]
  3. Towers of Strength

    Viggo Mortensen, whose filmography has seen him work in almost every movie genre there is, from Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 to The Portrait of a Lady, is seen as the potential saviour of Middle-earth in The Two Towers. As the action hero of the movie, however, he has a lot more on his plate than […]
  4. Viggo’s Big Time

    Critically acclaimed supporting actor Viggo Mortensen made his feature film debut playing Alexander Godunov’s Amish brother in Witness (1985). The suave, handsome actor has subsequently portrayed a wide variety of characters, often unapologetic bad boys, opposite some of Hollywood’s most popular actors, including Sean Penn, Sylvester Stallone, Demi Moore, and Nicole Kidman. Born in New […]
  5. The Reluctant Hero

    Surrounded by the orcs, elves and hobbits of Middle-earth, you could be forgiven for thinking that no mere mortal would have a chance of standing out in Peter Jackson’s epic adaptation of The Lord of the Rings. But if one actor soared high above all others in part one, last year’s Fellowship OF The Ring, […]