So many video clips, so little time! We don’t have any original clips on the new site at this time. So here are two options:

  • The original site has quite a few video clips. They are about 12-14 years old and quite small, but there are a few that aren’t available anywhere else. You’ll find them on what we’re calling “Brego Classic.”
  • These days there are so many clips available on YouTube that we’ve created a set of playlists to organize them all. See the YouTube playlists.

Most of the movie pages now link to the associated YouTube videos. For example, our Green Book page contains several embedded playlists for clips, reviews, interviews, and more. Here’s the first one:

We also have playlists for various Tolkien topics and for Viggo Mortensen in random interviews with the late night hosts. Hope you enjoy, and subscribe to our channel if you want to keep up with additions.

I do have some archival videos to share on YouTube, and I want to create some clips that aren’t currently available, but that has to wait a few months. Once we’ve finished transferring material to this new site, they will go on my to-do list.