Most of our film pages have galleries of production stills, screen captures, behind the scenes images and/or movie posters. See the filmography page for a list.

Brego Classic has a modest gallery page. We’ll be adding galleries to the new site as we have time.

Photo Galleries for Viggo Mortensen

  • Viggo Mortensen on FamousFix – Hundreds of images, mostly taken at events, but also magazine covers, movie stills, and some paparazzi shots. Sadly, it’s not well curated or organized, and most photos are neither identified nor credited. Still it’s an interesting place to browse.
  • Viggo Mortensen on The Place – Another large bucket of uncredited, unsorted, unlabeled images. Some are high resolution scans, like photo #133565. Domain name is Russian (.ru) but the text is in English.
  • Viggo Daily on Live Journal – Founded in 2003, this shared LJ account is still updated at least weekly with lovely photos of Viggo. You can scan the archives as well, but unfortunately most images were hosted on PhotoBucket or other free sites and are no longer accessible.
  • Viggo Mortensen on Bellazon – Forum for people who share an interest in modeling. The thread for Viggo contains mostly photos from magazines (and magazine covers). Low drool factor.

Sources for Images from Viggo’s Movies

These websites all have lots of quality images from Viggo’s films. They’re listed roughly in order of their usefulness (quality, quantity, completeness).

  • Viggo Mortensen on MovieStillsDB – High-resolution images from most of Viggo Mortensen’s films, including production stills, behind the scenes, promotional shots and lobby cards. Our favorite source.
  • Viggo Mortensen on IMDb – Production stills, screen captures, behind the scenes, promotional appearances, and/or art (posters, media covers) for almost all of Viggo’s films. Not the most complete collection nor the most high resolution, but a good resource.
  • Viggo Mortensen on Allocine – French website has production stills, behind the scenes, and/or screen captures for many of Viggo’s films. Their collection is not as complete as some but they are often the best resource for films not made in the USA, such as Loin des Hommes.
  • Viggo-Works – image galleries for almost all of Viggo’s credits, including several obscure titles.
  • Viggo Mortensen on – Swiss site includes production stills, behind the scenes, and/or screen captures for most of Viggo’s mainstream movies. Medium-high resolution, sometimes not much but a treasure trove for some films. The text is in German; you can use Google Translate or just look for links to “bilder” (German for “images”).