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  1. Viggo from Hollywood

    In a land without mountains, you have to be happy with the few mountains there are. It can be reflected in a relaxed and well-balanced acceptance of the conditions of things, but it can also – sometimes – be reflected in a “sturm-und-drang”, an attempt to be more than you are. Reaching for the sky […]
  2. “I didn’t break up Gwyneth and Ben”

    Viggo Mortensen hates to disappoint his Danish relatives, who hoped Gwyneth would improve his dress sense, but he insists his screen love affair with the actress never became the real thing. When Gwyneth Paltrow and Ben Affleck broke up, a lot of people thought they knew where to lay the blame: at the feet of […]
  3. Rumour haunts Mortensen

    Viggo comments on the rumors surrounding himself and Gwyneth Paltrow following the filming of A Perfect Murder. Excerpt: "My cousins in Denmark were so happy for me. They said Gwyneth was such a snappy dresser and had such fashion style that they hoped it would rub off on me...."
  4. The Fire That Fuels an Artist’s Heart

    Viggo comments on his pre-1999 movies, including Prison, Leatherface, Reflecting Skin, Indian Runner, Crimson Tide, The Prophecy, G.I. Jane, A Perfect Murder, Psycho. He also discusses his art and upcoming showings. Finally, when asked, "In twenty years, would you rather be remembered as an actor who painted or a painter who acted?" he replies, "I'd like to know that I was honest. I was myself as far as just being an artist and being an actor or poet or photographer or painter or whatever the hell. Being an artist is being an artist. So just be."
  5. Versatile Viggo

    NEW YORK — Viggo Mortensen started his career out by roughing up guys like Dennis Hopper in The Indian Runner and Al Pacino in Carlito’s Way. He even ripped out Christopher Walken’s heart in The Prophecy. And just look how mean he was as Demi Moore’s drill sergeant in G.I. Jane. But lately something has […]