1. Small Press Is Beautiful

    Article on small independent presses includes a description of the output of Viggo Mortensen's Perceval Press and some speculation on its focus. Viggo is quoted as saying, "Perhaps the attention derived from the publication of Twilight of Empire: Responses to Occupation has given some people the mistaken impression that we concentrate on overtly 'political' or 'progressive' material." He goes on to state that Perceval "will remain open to publishing new and different material as well as points of view."
  2. sleepy Viggo Mortensen by Terry Richardson (i-D 2003)

    Viggo Mortensen (photo essay)

    A good man is hard to find: from supporting actor to rough and rugged lead, Viggo Mortensen’s newfound success represents a return to the classically masculine Hollywood hero. Here, photographer Terry Richardson presents an intimate portrait of the Lord of the Rings star at home on the ranch. Saddle up!
  3. The 50 Most Beautiful People

    It was only tabloid gossip, but relatives in Denmark rejoiced when they read that Viggo Mortensen was dating his A Perfect Murder costar Gwyneth Paltrow a few years back. "Maybe she'll make you pay more attention to your own grooming," they told him. Not a chance. The Manhattan-born actor ... prefers painting ... to primping.
  4. Viggo Mortensen in Movieline Nov 96, photo by Greg Henry

    Age of Discovery

    A quick rundown of Viggo Mortensen's film credits, from Witness to Crimson Tide, and a teaser about his upcoming role in The Portrait of a Lady. 'After years of small parts in little-seen movies, does the 38-year-old actor feel he's at a now-or-never crossroads? "If I'd ever felt that, I would probably have shot myself already,' he replies." (scans)
  5. Viggo Mortensen & Exene Cervenka - Interview mag Feb 1992

    Wanted: Alive

    A full-page photograph of Viggo and Exene, Viggo on crutches, with brief, smart-aleck resumés for each. "These married desperadoes were last heard of traveling cross country with their four-year-old varmint, Henry. Approach with a sense of foreboding."