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  1. Director: Gus Van Sant

    Director Gus Van Sant speaks about shooting in Death Valley and the state of American independent film. The most interesting part for Viggo fans comes in the last few paragraphs, where he discusses Psycho: "When we were shooting it, Viggo Mortensen and I were talking about the next one. We were going to do a black Psycho, a punk-rock Psycho... Viggo knows all the punk rockers, so he had some ideas about how to pull it off."
  2. The Fire That Fuels an Artist’s Heart

    Viggo comments on his pre-1999 movies, including Prison, Leatherface, Reflecting Skin, Indian Runner, Crimson Tide, The Prophecy, G.I. Jane, A Perfect Murder, Psycho. He also discusses his art and upcoming showings. Finally, when asked, "In twenty years, would you rather be remembered as an actor who painted or a painter who acted?" he replies, "I'd like to know that I was honest. I was myself as far as just being an artist and being an actor or poet or photographer or painter or whatever the hell. Being an artist is being an artist. So just be."