1. Viggo Mortensen on cowboys

    Interview in a German magazine. Topics include mate ("terribly bitter"), hippies ("if you equate closeness to nature and a certain openness with being a hippie, then I was a hippie and I still am."), becoming older, riding, goat families, the truth or fiction behind Reynolds' story, and cowboys ("a cowboy is knightly").
  2. Rings’ king Viggo Mortensen talks about celebrity, the cowboy mystique and starring solo in Hidalgo

    In his broken-in gray warm-up jacket, green flannel shirt and bare feet, he looks laid-back and easy-going. He sips a thick blend of green tea from a small, egg-shaped wooden cup through a silver straw. He speaks surprisingly softly and smiles easily and frequently. But then you remember that this is the same actor who […]
  3. Viggo Mortensen and Hidalgo at the start of the race

    Ageless Adventure

    An article about Hidalgo from the perspective of the American cowboy heritage and horsemanship finds that the film's message is "cowboys are good guys, and what they represent can be found worldwide in men who love horses." Interviews with director Joe Fusco and horse trainer Rex Peterson describe Viggo's commitment to horsemanship.