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The myth made real - The Japan Times, February 27, 2002
Reviewer Fazio reluctantly acknowledges how impressed he is with The Fellowship of the Ring, from the script to Peter Jackson's attention to detail to the acting. Excerpt: "It's McKellen, with a voice that truly could summon forth the spirits, who provides the film with depth and gravitas. His is a mesmerizing performance, with Gandalf at times looking like the aged, weary man who knows his time is getting short, and then, like a cat, suddenly revealing a flash of vigor and ferocity, the fire that still burns within. Subtract this performance and you could lop one star off this review."

A towering vision of Tolkien's classic - The Japan Times, February 19, 2003
Reviewer Fazio writes as though he can hardly believe that Jackson pulled off The Two Towers without creating a disaster. Though he finds faults here and there, he is forced to conclude that "there's something about the sheer grandeur of Jackson's vision, his obsessive attention to detail and the almost naive reverence he brings to the material that's irresistible."

return of the king or return of the suck?return of the king or return of the suck? - December 8, 2003
A detailed and highly irreverent review of the Return of the King by someone who, like me, would have liked the films to be more consistent with the books. And she expresses herself much better than I can. Highly recommended whether you agree or not. (Some adult language but nothing as bad as the title might lead you to think.)