Viggo Mortensen at Woodstock in A Walk on the MoonIt’s 1969, the “summer of love”, in upstate New York. Pearl Kantrowitz (Diane Lane) is a married woman in her early 30s who is feeling stuck. With her husband away, she indulges her attraction to the “blouse man” Walker Jerome (Viggo Mortensen). She experiences wonderful new things, including making love under a waterfall and a day at Woodstock, but of course her actions threaten not only her marriage but the welfare of her two children.

Film Review

Liev Schreiber, Anna Paquin, and Tovah Feldshuh provide strong support as Pearl’s husband, coming-of-age daughter, and mother-in-law, respectively. All the characters are played as multi-dimensional, deeply caring people who are going through difficult transitions. Perhaps things work out a little too easily but I enjoyed the movie thoroughly.

If you’ve watched this movie on TV, you know that some of the scenes between Viggo and Diane are quite intimate, even erotic. But you may not realize that the best bits were censored for TV. Their omissions also make the TV version somewhat choppy and confusing.

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