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  1. Finding Viggo

    Extensive interview and article about Viggo's films, art, music, life. Great quotes from Dennis Hopper, Diane Lane, art dealer Robert Mann, and several others Viggo has worked with. Photographs (including cover) by Bruce Weber, plus several from his childhood.
  2. Mooning Over Viggo Mortensen

    The interviewer is slightly confused about Viggo's film roles, saying that Viggo spends "much of [his] screen time making love to the most beautiful and desirable women imaginable" and then names Demi Moore (G.I. Jane) and Julianne Moore (Psycho) as two of those women. But still, the article includes some interesting quotes from Mortensen regarding on-screen romance and his preparation for his roles in A Walk on the Moon and 28 Days.
  3. Talking with…Viggo Mortensen

    “A good actor is there, a bad actor is not. Sure it’s a craft but it also has to do with generosity of spirit. Some people just aren’t very generous by nature and, no matter how technically proficient they might be, they’re not much fun to work with because they don’t care and you feel […]