Viggo Mortensen in AlatristeIn 17th century Spain Diego Alatriste (Viggo Mortensen), a brave and heroic soldier, is fighting in his King’s army in the Flanders region. His closest friend, Balboa, falls in a trap and, near to death, asks Diego to look after his son Íñigo and teach him to be a soldier. An assassination plot, dual romances, and battles complicate Alatriste’s life.

Based on the series of books by Arturo Pérez Reverte, Las aventuras del capitán Alatriste. The film incorporates elements from many of the books in the series.

Alatriste’s love interest in the film is María de Castro, played by Ariadna Gil. Ms. Gil also played Katie, the love interest of Viggo Mortensen’s character Everett Hitch in Appaloosa. In real life she and Viggo have been romantic partners since 2009.

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Trailer for Alatriste, plus video clips featuring Viggo Mortensen, “making of” videos, and an interview with Viggo.

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