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Viggo Mortensen in Young Guns II

Viggo Mortensen as John W. Poe in Young Guns II

Release: 1990

Director: John Fusco
Writer(s): John Fusco
Based on: Young Guns (sequel)

Runtime: 104 min

MCAA Rating: PG-13


Young Guns II Cast and Crew

Viggo Mortensen: John W. Poe

Other leading roles:
Emilio Estevez, William H. 'Billy the Kid' Bonney
Kiefer Sutherland, Josiah Gordon 'Doc' Scurlock
Lou Diamond Phillips, Jose Chavez Y. Chavez
Christian Slater, Arkansas Dave Rudabaugh
William L. Petersen, Pat Garrett
Alan Ruck, Hendry William French
R.D. Call, D.A. Rynerson
James Coburn, John Chisum

Young Guns II Synopsis

Tale of Billy "The Kid" and his gang. They are on the run for Mexico, chased by Pat Barrett, formerly one of Billy's partners.

Young Guns II Brief Review

Lots of star power, charming and entertaining, fun interplay between characters. Plot is lacking. Viggo has only a small part but he looks good in the hat.

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Young Guns II Video Clips

Viggo Mortensen plays John W. Poe as a fastidious, cold-blooded detective. After days on the trail, his cravat is still spotless, his hat always at the proper angle. The only thing he's missing is a heart.

Viggo Mortensen as John W. Poe in Young Guns IIyg-01: Drinking tea  «20-Oct-04» - John W. Poe (Viggo Mortensen) daintily drinks tea, pinky finger raised, and sucks the tea back out of his nicely barbered mustache. See the slow motion version for the full effect.
Viggo Mortensen as John W. Poe in Young Guns IIyg-02: John W. Poe  «20-Oct-04» - John W. Poe (Viggo Mortensen) introduces himself to Pat Garret and his posse. "We met at the Governor's. John W. Poe, Cattlemen's Association."
Viggo Mortensen and William L. Petersen in Young Guns IIyg-04: Have a movement  «20-Oct-04» - John W. Poe (Viggo Mortensen) complains to Pat Garret (William L. Petersen) that the journalist he's dragged along is hindering the investigation.
Quicktime video 240x180 (00'21, 1.1MB)
Quicktime video 320x240 (00'21, 4.1MB)
Viggo Mortensen as John W. Poe in Young Guns IIyg-06: Muskrats in a trap  «20-Oct-04» - John W. Poe (Viggo Mortensen) comments on the gang they are pursuing as he observes blood on the ground. "Hurt pretty good. Looks like the muskrats are in a trap. Chewing their own legs off."
Quicktime video 240x180 (00'09, 544KB)
Quicktime video 320x240 (00'09, 1.7MB)
Viggo Mortensen and William L. Petersen in Young Guns IIyg-08: Movement mimic  «20-Oct-04» - John W. Poe (Viggo Mortensen) mimics the newspaperman brought along by Pat Garret (William L. Petersen): "Sheriff, I think I need to have a movement."
Quicktime video 240x180 (00'03, 80KB)
Quicktime video 320x240 (00'03, 552KB)
Viggo Mortensen as John W. Poe in Young Guns IIyg-13: Take your medicine  «20-Oct-04» - As John W. Poe (Viggo Mortensen) watches a teenaged boy die, he coldbloodedly comments, "Take your medicine, son."
Quicktime video 240x180 (00'04, 112KB)
Quicktime video 320x240 (00'04, 580KB)

Young Guns II Photo Gallery

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