Viggo Mortensen in Loin des hommesSet in 1954 in French Colonial Algeria, Loin des hommes follows Daru, a reclusive, pacifist, Algerian-born French teacher of Spanish descent (Viggo Mortensen). Daru is tasked with delivering Mohammad, a docile Algerian murder suspect (Reda Kateb), into the hands of French authorities just as the Algerian War of Independence ignites.

This French drama film directed by David Oelhoffen was released in English-speaking markets as Far from Men. It is based on a short story, “L’Hôte” (The Guest) by Albert Camus. Oelhoffen extended the original short story and adapted it for the screen. As additional source material, he used Camus’ texts as a journalist, as well as another text called Algerian Chronicles, which Camus wrote in the ’30s when he traveled to Kabylia.

Loin des hommes won nine awards at film festivals in Bucharest, Trondheim (Norway), Munich, and Rome, and was selected to compete for the Golden Lion at the 71st Venice International Film Festival.

Filmed in Morocco. Languages: French, Arabic.

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Our Loin des Hommes (Far from Men) playlist includes the official HD trailer and HD video clips, an interview with Viggo Mortensen, and a beautiful video of the original soundtrack by Nick Cave and Warren Ellis.

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