1. Viggo World

    Cat and Estel just launched a fresh new German website, Viggo World, featuring Viggo Mortensen’s biography, filmography, books and CDs, plus the latest Viggo news. They would love to hear from Viggo’s fans.

  2. Viggo Paperdoll

    Have some time on your hands? Play Viggo dressup at Paperdoll Heaven. How about Aragorn with shades and a knit hat? Unfortunately they don’t have any of the soccer shirts or that lovely green suit.

  3. Hottest Actor?

    Women.com has a poll inviting women to pick the “hottest actor of them all” from a list of 12, including Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom, and of course Viggo. Viggo is currently leading, with 32.47% of the vote. Depp is in 2nd with 26.66%. If you care, go vote!