As you may know, closed its doors the end of February. We were terribly saddened by the loss of this site, which built on Musings of Viggo and The House of Telcontar to provide a tremendous archive of Viggo Mortensen news, articles, interviews, and photographs. has had links to many of the articles for some time. The archives and interviews were unexpectedly pulled off the site on February 1, the day the announcement was made. Though several sites contacted them offering to host the archives, the webmasters explained that they did not feel comfortable passing these archives on to another web site.

We spent a great deal of time this past month searching the Net for other sources and digging through the Google cache to recover as many articles as possible before they expire, and have been successful at recovering most of them. We have posted a new Viggo Articles & Interviews page with links to over 100 articles, and have almost another 100 in the wings waiting their turn to be posted. We know that some of’s pages still link to (i.e., they’re broken!) and are working to get them updated as quickly as possible.

Concurrently, the wonderful folks at Viggo-Works have been building their own Viggo Mortensen articles database from materials that they have collected over the years. They have a lot of articles that were not archived at We’ve linked to their site from our Articles page, and have also listed other sites with good archives of articles, text and scans.

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