1. Middle-earth Journeys

    J.R.R. Tolkien lovers, please join Riv Res and Philipa of Viggo-Works and Merry from Writers of Rohan (WRoR) in their new discussion forum focused on the works of Tolkien, Middle-earth Journeys. The site includes a calendar of Middle Earth events, links into the WRoR’s descriptive Tolkien library, and rich discussion.

  2. Viggo’s introduction to John Howe book

    John Howe’s recently published book, John Howe Artbook, features hundreds of illustrations, mostly from Tolkien’s works, and an eloquent introduction by Viggo Mortensen. Though the book is available only in French, John has posted an English translation of Viggo’s introduction. Thanks to Sienna of Thank You, Viggo for the tip!