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  1. A History of Violence official site

    The official A History of Violence now offers a downloads section with wallpapers, AIM icons and a giant (3.7MB) version of the HoV poster. They’ve also added a “video blog” and Q&A with David Cronenberg. Find more about the film on our A History of Violence page.

  2. His brain’s about to blow!

    The July/August issue of Premiere magazine features some photographs taken by A History of Violence director David Cronenberg at Cannes. We liked this one, captioned “His brain’s about to blow!” See full caption and scans, including a nice closeup, in the Cannes gallery near the bottom of the A History of Violence page.

  3. Cannes video clips

    Some folks have reported problems downloading the Cannes Film Festival video clips, and I was unable to download the WMV files myself. So I have posted the RealMedia files for the press conference, interview/photo call, red carpet arrival and trailer on our A History of Violence page. If you know of another source for the […]

  4. Updates for A History of Violence

    Three more stills of Viggo Mortensen on the A History of Violence movie page, plus a link to a film review by an early screener. TORn reports that Variety reports that the film will be shown at Cannes in May, and is already predicting Oscar nominations for the film, David Cronenberg (best director), Viggo […]