1. Quiet month

    Just realized that it’s been almost a month since I posted on this page. This doesn’t mean the site hasn’t been updated — I’ve added and updated quite a few links throughout the site. A few things of note: most of the Hidalgo video clips were no longer available on the sites we’d linked to, […]

  2. Cannes video clips

    Some folks have reported problems downloading the Cannes Film Festival video clips, and I was unable to download the WMV files myself. So I have posted the RealMedia files for the press conference, interview/photo call, red carpet arrival and trailer on our A History of Violence page. If you know of another source for the […]

  3. More Alatriste

    More photographs and links to articles on our Alatriste page. With Viggo Mortensen currently in Spain filming Alatriste, news and photos are coming out too fast for us to keep up! So we’ve pointed you to some forum threads that can keep you posted.

  4. Apologies for the outage

    Sorry that the site was unavailable part of the day yesterday. Our bandwidth usage jumped again the past few days, and I am currently on a business trip so I didn’t catch it quickly enough and the account was temporarily suspended. Thanks to several donors, we have been able to increase our account limit and […]