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  1. Alatriste in NYC; US release dates still a question

    Alatriste is one of the films to be featured this weekend, Dec 9-10, at the “Spanish Cinema Now” Film Festival at the Walter Reade Theater in New York City. Details here. We’re getting a lot of questions about when Alatriste will be released. Release dates for several European countries are in spring, 2007. Our current […]

  2. Alatriste release dates

    Several folks have asked when Alatriste will be released. We’ve updated the Alatriste page with dates from IMDb: Spain in October 2006, USA in December 2006. If you hear anything more definitive, please let us know. We’ve also added a few more photographs to the page.

  3. More Alatriste

    More photographs and links to articles on our Alatriste page. With Viggo Mortensen currently in Spain filming Alatriste, news and photos are coming out too fast for us to keep up! So we’ve pointed you to some forum threads that can keep you posted.