1. Exene Cervenka, Henry Mortensen, & Viggo Mortensen supporting Standing Rock Reservation

    Help enable Standing Rock citizens to vote!

    North Dakota implemented a discriminatory voter ID law targeting Native Americans earlier this month. The District Court found the law had a disproportionate and discriminatory effect on Native voters, yet ultimately the Supreme Court allowed the new rule to take effect. Now, ND voters can’t use the voter ID they used in the primary because […]

  2. Viggo Mortensen autographs for Bob Johnson

    Viggo Mortensen is supporting the candidacy of Dr. Bob Johnson for New York’s 23rd Congressional District. Bob is a Democrat and challenger to incumbent John McHugh; McHugh is on the House Armed Services Committee and a big supporter of President Bush and the Iraq war. Viggo has made three campaign appearances with Johnson and has […]