1,2,3,... Hi Baby! Wheels ProjectNative American infants in South Dakota need your support. 1, 2, 3… Hi Baby! is a nonprofit organization committed to reducing the incidence of infant mortality of the Indian people on the Pine Ridge Reservation¬†by providing services and education regarding healthy lifestyles, healthy pregnancies, healthy children and families, and positive parenting to the entire family. This includes the nuclear-immediate family as well as the extended family.

Clients of the 1,2,3 … Hi Baby! program are spread out over the vast area of the Pine Ridge Reservation which is approximately 2 million acres and a reliable means of transportation is vital so the needs of the moms and babies can be met. Currently those needs are challenged and occasionally go without being met with an unreliable source of “wheels.”

Friends On Board is working to raise $50,000.00 to purchase a reliable vehicle for this project. Brego.net joins other Viggo Mortensen websites, including Just Viggo, Obsession, Viggo-Works, and Virtual Viggo, in supporting and endorsing this campaign. All donations are tax deductible. Please visit Friends On Board to donate today. Thank you!

Update September 2018: Friends on Board disbanded after this project but there is still a lot of need at Pine Ridge. See the Friends of Pine Ridge Reservation website to find out how you can contribute.

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