Viggo Mortensen at the 2009 Venice Film FestivalThe Huffington Post posted a poll asking readers their opinion of Viggo’s latest look.

Viggo Mortensen is at the Venice Film Festival to premiere his long-awaited cinematic version of Cormac McCarthy’s The Road Thursday night.

Thursday at a photo call Viggo, 50, arrived by boat in a “Make Art, Not War” t-short and a middle-parted, shoulder-length bob.

Your choices in the poll are “Love it!”; “Love HIM, but not the hair”; or “Lose It”. Unfortunately there is no option for “Love Viggo and whatever he wants to do with his hair is fine with me.” Thankfully, most of the comments express this latter opinion!

Update October 2018: voting was closed and we have no idea what the results were. But we still love the photo!

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