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Viggo Mortensen in Gimlet

Viggo Mortensen as the Hombre in Gimlet

Release: 1995



MCAA Rating: unknown


Gimlet Cast and Crew

Viggo Mortensen: Hombre (Man)

Other leading roles:

Gimlet Synopsis

(in Spanish) Julia, a bartender in Barcelona, has lost her lover to a brutal murder. Now there has been another murder, and an anonymous man is sending her letters and video tapes saying that he loves her. Will the police catch the murderer before someone else dies?

Gimlet Articles & Interviews

Gimlet - Cinenet, January 1996
A description of the film, Gimlet, as a crime story combined with a love story. The reviewer concludes that "This film is plenty of style exercise, shooting with a strong visual image. Although it is not a perfect film, audience who wants a new experience has to see it."   [Chronicles]   [ManyFaces]

Gimlet Resources

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