1. Killshot and Teresa

    Now that the filming for A History of Violence and Alatriste is complete, some of us have been wondering what’s next for Viggo Mortensen. IMDb lists his next two projects as Teresa and Killshot. I’ve been reluctant to post pages for them, as his participation is still not confirmed, but finally decided that we at […]

  2. Killshot — it’s on, it’s off?

    In late May, the Philadelphia Inquirer reported that “Elmore Leonard’s Killshot, about a husband and wife who become the targets of killers, will be among the first slate of releases from ex-Miramax chieftains Harvey and Bob Weinstein’s new company. Justin Timberlake, Viggo Mortensen, Diane Lane and Mickey Rourke are in the pic, which John Madden […]