In late May, the Philadelphia Inquirer reported that “Elmore Leonard’s Killshot, about a husband and wife who become the targets of killers, will be among the first slate of releases from ex-Miramax chieftains Harvey and Bob Weinstein’s new company. Justin Timberlake, Viggo Mortensen, Diane Lane and Mickey Rourke are in the pic, which John Madden (Shakespeare in Love) will direct for a 2006 opening.”

Being a bit slow on the news front, we heard this just in time for the almost retraction from Elmore Leonard’s web site: “Some time ago, we published a Variety story from The Cannes Film Festival that purported to leak the cast for Killshot. This article generated a lot of interest, reverberating its way around the Internet and into the IMDD. But sources very close to the production are telling me emphatically that nothing is signed or certain with any of the aforementioned actors. When something is known, I will publish it here.”

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