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There are hundreds of Viggo Mortensen fan sites, discussion boards, articles and interviews on the Net. Many, unfortunately, are repetitive or just junk; it takes time and patience to find the nuggets. So here is a short list of what I consider to be the best Viggo Mortensen sites and movies, along with some audio and video downloads. If you want the comprehensive list, you will find it all on the Viggo Obsession site. (See link below under Fan Sites.)

Viggo - Fan Sites

Contact us if you feel that your site should be listed here. A link back would be appreciated.

Celebrity ExchangeCelebrity Exchange: Viggo Mortensen - Celebrity site offers links to Viggo Mortensen fan sites and several high-quality scanned images.
Elessar's RealmElessar's Realm - Beautiful collection of blended wallpaper collages in 800x600 and 1024x768 sizes. Focus is on Aragorn, but she has many other Viggo wallpapers and some for other LOTR characters as well. See also her Viggo wallpapers. See Lessy's LiveJournal for her latest creations.
Many Faces of Viggo MortensenMany Faces of Viggo Mortensen - Broad-ranging coverage of Viggo's films, poetry, music and art. Audio downloads, reviews and screen captures for some movies. Highlight is their archive of over 40 articles, mostly interviews with Viggo Mortensen, dating back to 1987.
Obsession - Viggo MortensenObsession - Publisher Lynn uses humor and intelligence to turn her obsession into an art form. Biography, filmography, downloads, music clips, pages of links to interviews, a complete resource in one site. Do not miss the movie reviews. - A growing collection of video and audio clips from Viggo's films, interviews and other sources.
Thank You, ViggoThank You, Viggo - A fresh, original new site that celebrates Viggo's creativity and zest for life.
Corner of ViggoThe Corner of Viggo Mortensen - An early site, no longer as actively updated, but with a good archive of older articles going back to 1998, plus some art-related resources.
The ViggophileThe Viggophile - Good background information on Viggo's art, poetry, music, and movies, plus links to video trailers and other resources.
Viggo ChroniclesViggo Chronicles - Sadly, the forum is no longer active. But this site still offers a biography and filmography, plus a substantial archive of Viggo Mortensen articles and interviews.
Viggo Daily - News Community - This off-shoot of Viggo Daily (at LiveJournal) is dedicated to news posts about Viggo Mortensen.
VFB: Viggo Fan BaseViggo Fan Base - News, forum, links, and a huge gallery of fan uploads including original art.
Viggo Heaven EyesViggo Heaven Eyes - News, photo gallery, collage-style wallpapers, links to audio and video clips. Interviews downloadable in Word format.
Viggo Mortensen as Frank in Indian RunnerViggo Mortensen, Actor - Not as large as some of the other sites, but nice quality. Excellent collection of original film reviews.
Liloth's logoViggo Mortensen: Renaissance Man - Scans from dozens of magazines from 2002 to present, including classic Viggo articles from Flaunt, L'Uomo Vogue, Arena Homme, and Hobo. Site also includes candid photographs from book signings, as well as articles featuring other Lord of the Rings stars.
Viggo OnlineViggo Online - Warning: the gallery generates popups! But if you can weed your way through them you will find an incredible collection of over 1200 images, primarily from magazine articles and press events, many at very high resolution. (Did I really want to see that tiny mole that clearly?) Site also includes news briefs, links, and basic background information.
Viggo's Celluloid HavenViggo's Celluloid Haven - Hundreds of screen captures and some video from almost all of Viggo Mortensen's movies, starting with Witness. Many articles and photographs from other events as well. Most items in both English and Spanish.
Viggo-Mortensen.NetViggo-Mortensen.Net - Relatively new site with an impressive collection of news, images, video clips and scans of memorabilia from Hidalgo, G.I. Jane and other Viggo Mortensen films.
Viggo-WorksViggo-Works - Viggo-Works is one of the best sources of the latest news about Viggo Mortensen. Active forum, links, and an impressive and expanding archive of interviews and articles.
Viggo Mortensen colorbar by Zillie TilleZillie Tillie - Tillie shares some lovely LiveJournal icons featuring Viggo and friends. She also has an "Errant Vines" wallpaper and some nifty colorbars. Please note her request for credit if you use any of the graphics.

Viggo - Fan Sites, Non-English

Viggo is popular around the world. Because there are so many sites in languages other than English, I've given them their own category. Note: some of the sites in the main Fan Sites category are multi-lingual.

Czech forum at Lide.czCzech Forum: Viggo Mortensen - Czech Republic site offers a members-only Viggo Mortensen forum.
l'oeil et la mainl'oeil et la main - French language site focused on the art of Viggo Mortensen, beautifully designed, with a forum and gallery of poems and artwork by members.
La Casa de my AlmaLa Casa de my Alma - Romarie's Italian fan site features lots of original work inspired by Viggo Mortensen, including poems and "sueños," dream-like blended images. She also has book reviews, a forum and news.
sketch of the artist sketching Frank Hopkins (from Hidalgo)Study of Viggo - Japanese fan site features beautiful original sketches of Viggo, original wallpapers with themes from Hidalgo and Lord of the Rings, scanned articles, news, a blog, and links to 11 Japanese-language Viggo Mortensen fan sites plus others from around the world. Worth a look, whether or not you can read Japanese.
Viggo MortensenViggo Mortensen - Czech Republic fan site includes news, photographs, a biography, film descriptions, and examples of Viggo's poetry.
Viggo Mortensen in RussianViggo Mortensen - Russian site offers news, forum, many articles translated to Russian, biography, filmography, wallpapers and original drawings of Viggo and his characters, details about Viggo's books and music, including Russian translations of some poems.
Viggo MortensenViggo Mortensen - Polish language site features an elegant visual presentation, news, and in-depth information on Viggo's biography and filmography, paintings and poetry. Polish translations of interviews, articles, and film reviews. Photo gallery.
Viggo Mortensen - ForeverViggo Mortensen - Forever - German language site provides biography, filmography, photographs, wallpaper, links, forum, and translations of some of Viggo's poems into German.
Viggo Mortensen Translation ArchiveViggo Mortensen Translation Archive - Japanese translations of articles and other information about Viggo Mortensen. Includes screen captures and translations from video interviews.
Viggo Wonnen FanportalViggo Wonnen Fanportal - German Viggo portal provides access to forum, chat room and links for a small but active group of dedicated fans. Articles, news and photos are posted to the forum.
Viggo WorldViggo World - Fresh new German website, created by a group of fans, features Viggo Mortensen's biography, filmography, books and CDs, plus the latest Viggo news.
Viggo's CornerViggo's Corner - Italian language site provides news, filmography, fan fiction, interviews and other articles for Italian readers. For the rest of us there are fan art and lots of photographs. (I also recommend taking a moment to use an online translator and read the brief, funny "Walk on Middle-Earth" fan fiction, where Eowyn meets the blouse man.)
ViggoCentricViggoCentric - Chinese language site includes news, movie reviews, biography, information on Viggo's art, discussion forum and links.
Viggos-EstelViggos-Estel - Active German forum, well moderated, with separate forums for old and new films, art, politics and other Viggo topics. There is a section for members' artworks. See also their chatroom.

Viggo - Forums

I'm fairly certain Viggo never set out to become a muse, but for many people that's exactly what he has become. Most of the forums in this list are communities of people who have been inspired by Viggo's art and life. I have chosen not to list forums that allow or promote discussion of Viggo's private life, though you will find fans swooning here and there. All of them are supportive and welcoming; their "personalities" vary so I recommend lurking for a while at each to see which suits you best.

The Errant Vines Art ForumErrant Vines Art Forum - The Errant Vines provides a space for members to share their original poetry, photography, and other works, and to discuss other artists and art in general. Active and supportive. Seems less likely to go off-topic than some of the other forums in this list, this could be a plus or minus depending on what you're seeking.
The Farthest Outpost - Community of Viggo fans share their art and poetry. Active and largely uninhibited forum discussions on topics ranging from art to films to politics to general fan chat. (Site takes its name and polar bear mascot from Viggo's "Bedtime Story for Henry.")
VFB: Viggo Fan BaseVFB Forum - Huge, active, friendly, international forum. Affilliated with Viggo Fan Base. Lots of fan fiction and various uploads. Must register to view or post.
Viggo-WorksViggo-Works - Born in May 2004 from the ashes of the House of Telcontar forum, Viggo-Works is one of the best sources of the latest news about Viggo Mortensen. Forum discussion topics range from Viggo news, arts and movies to left of center politics. Group is friendly, low-key and intelligent. Low hubba-hubba factor. They also have an impressive and expanding archive of interviews and articles.

Viggo - More Resources

Google News logoGoogle News: Viggo Mortensen - Search Google News for the latest references to Viggo. There is also an option to sign up for Viggo news alerts.
IMDb logoIMDb: Viggo Mortensen - In addition to their extensive movie database and list of appearances on television and in other media, the IMDb has a biography, links to other sites, a photo gallery, and agent contact information. (Don't expect an answer if you send fan mail to that address.)
Aragorn wallpaper from lordoftherings.netOfficial Lord of the Rings Cast Bio - The bio is skimpy, but follow the link to the character Aragorn and you will find both video and written interviews with Viggo in which he discusses his interpretation of Aragorn. The Aragorn page also links to several nice desktop pictures (wallpapers), posters and other downloads.
dmoz Open Directory logoOpen Directory: Viggo Mortensen - Viggo Mortensen category in this volunteer-edited directory includes links to the top Viggo web sites plus links to the categories for his best-known films.
Viggo Mortensen MeetupViggo Mortensen Meetup - Sign up with your location to connect with other Viggo fans in your area. Monthly meetings, no charge.

Viggo - Photo Galleries

See also the photo galleries at Obsession, Viggo Fan Base, and others, listed in the Fan Sites section of this page.

Viggo Mortensen as Aragorn & Ian McKellan as Gandalf in Return of the Viggo Mortensen - Site features over 50 stills from Viggo's movies, mostly Lord of the Rings, mostly high resolution. Includes a few that I've seen nowhere else. Avoid if you don't like pop-ups.
Viggo Mortensen Daily Live JournalLiveJournal: Viggo Daily - Think of viggo_daily as a dynamic gallery. This community of Viggo-lovers post pictures of Viggo Mortensen—lots of pictures, large pictures—and swoon over the photos and the man himself. Friendly and uninhibited group, high drool factor.
Viggo Mortensen at the Japanese premiere of Return of the KingMy Image Daily - Sachie has posted a generous collection of scans from magazines featuring Viggo, most of them Japanese, plus photographs from the Japanese premiere of Return of the King and from two trips to see Lord of the Rings filming locations.
from a photo of Viggo Mortensen by PerouPerou Incorporated - Photographer Perou features the 20 images he shot for Flaunt magazine's December 2002/January 2003 issue. Go to the k-z page and click on "viggo mortensen." Site includes a form for inquiring about ordering prints.
from Viggo mood themesagralisse... viggo mortensen screencaps - Several hundred high quality screen captures from Viggo's movies. See also her screencaps from The Two Towers DVD extras and marvel at the 132 moods of Viggo in Sagra's Viggo mood theme for LiveJournal. Viggo Mortensen Scrapbook - Hundreds of cataloged images of Viggo Mortensen in non-Aragorn settings. See also their Aragorn Scrapbook, which has hundreds of pictures of Viggo as Aragorn. Most images are annotated and searchable, high resolution and of good quality.
Viggo Mortensen in PsychoVal's Too Many Screencaps - Hundreds of screen captures of Viggo Mortensen in American Yakuza, Boiling Point, Psycho, The Reflecting Skin, Carlito's Way and more. Mostly full-screen, some cropped. Larger than the average screencap, good clarity.
Viggo Makes Me Hormonal As HellViggo Makes Me Hormonal As Hell - Small but exceptionally high quality collection of stills, including high-res images from Hidalgo, knock-your-socks-off 1024x768 screen caps from Passion of Darkly Noon, soccer shirt pictures, magazine scans, and just plain gorgeous Viggo shots. Click on the thumbs to see the medium sized photos, then click on those to see the super-sized ones. Site also includes a forum; registration is required to view or post. (May 2005: Site is unavailable, hope it's temporary, stay tuned.)
ViggopicspamViggopicspam - Not really a photo gallery, but an incredible and ever-growing source of Viggo Mortensen pictures. High drool factor and don't go there if slashy talk bothers you. But not to miss if you enjoy looking at and dishing about Viggo photos. Mix of newest with classics, many at high resolution. (Members only, request to join.)

Viggo - Stories from Signings

Viggo at a book signingJournal of St. Viggo's Book Signing - A Train of Thought Diary on Dictaphone. Or What's An Angel Doing in Hollywood? - I love this completely over-the-top article by a fan old enough to have a 6' tall son. Steph babbles shamelessly as she describes waiting in line for hours, Viggo's patience and kindness with herself and others, and how tough it was to pretend to be calm as she shook his hand and accepted his autograph. She ends with "OKAY, I AM DEAD NOW. OFFICIALLY DEAD. SIGNING OFF, AND I CAN NOW DIE HAPPY."
Viggo Mortensen signing autographs at St. Lawrence UniversityViggo at SLU - Half a dozen first-person accounts from fans at a poetry reading and book signing at Viggo's alma mater, St. Lawrence University on March 1, 2003. See also a story and wonderful photos from his St. Lawrence visit, and more pictures from
Frostyland snowmanViggo Corner Email Bag - Page of writings from site visitors includes several detailed stories of Viggo's gracious behavior with fans at various signings.

Viggo Downloads: Late Show with David Letterman

The David Letterman video and audio clips have been moved to the Viggo Audio/Video Clips page.

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